Dive Centers in Varadero

There are three dive centers in Varadero. See diving options and prices at the bottom of the page.

Barracuda Scuba Diving Center

Operator: Nautica Marlin
New address: Avenida Kawama corner of Calle 4, Varadero, Matanzas, Cuba
Phone: (53 45) 66 7072 / (53 45) 61 3481
Opening hours: 8:00 am to 7:00 pm
The Barracuda Diving Center and the Acua Diving Center are now joined together under the name "Barracuda Scuba Diving Center". Their office is now located in the western part of Varadero near Hotel kawama, their previous location was on Calle 59 (eastern end of varadero). They also operate from Marina Chapelin (see below) for certified divers. They are SSI and ACUC certified and offer courses (ACUC), and several types of diving: wreck, wall, cavern, night, from shore, etc. They have a capacity of 70 divers (in 2 departures) daily with 3 boats + 3 zodiacs, and a multi-lingual and highly qualified staff. It features 30 dive sites at 10 to 40 meters. Instructors are First Aid certified, the nearest decompression chamber is in Cardenas (about 25 min. from the Dive Center and less than one hour from any diving site). Recommended dive sites: Playa Coral, Neptuno Wreck, Patrol Boat Wreck, Cave Fish, Wall at Bay of Pigs, Blue Hole.

Chapelin Diving Center

Chapelin Aquaworld Diving Center

Operator: Nautica Marlin
Address: Marina Chapelin, Autopista Sur, Km 12.5, Varadero, Matanzas, Cuba
Phone: (53 45) 66 8871 / (53 45) 66 7072
Opening hours: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
This dive center is a branch of the Baraccuda Scuba Diving Center. It's located at the Marina Chapelin (Aquaworld) They are SSI and ACUC certified and have a multi-lingual and highly qualified staff. The offer reef dives and wreck dives to certified divers with proven experience (certification card required).

Gaviota Diving center

Gaviota Diving Center

Operator: Grupo Gaviota
Address: Marina Gaviota, Autopista Sur, Km 21, Varadero, Matanzas, Cuba
Phone: (53 45) 66 7755 / (53 45) 66 4115 / (53 45) 66 4131
This brand new diving center is located inside the Marina Gaviota and is accredited SSI, ACUC and CMAS. They have 32 dive sites and they run the Cayo Piedras del Norte Underwater Park featuring a coral reef with tunnels and caves, and several wrecks (ships and planes) that have been sunk there on purpose for recreational exploration. They offer daylight dives (capacity 100 divers daily), cave dives and night dives. They offer ACUC and SSI approved courses, diving excursions and snorkeling excursions.

Typical prices (2014): (may vary)

(Divers must show their certification and passport)
- Dive (equipment provided): 50 CUC ((Packages of multiple dives come cheaper)
- Double tank dive: 70 CUC
- Night dive: 55 CUC
- Cave dive: 60 CUC
- Double tank at the Bay of Pigs: 75 CUC

- SCUBA diver: 250 CUC
- Open water diver: 365 CUC
- Advanced diver: 260 CUC
- Rescue diver: 220 CUC
- Cave diver: 290 CUC
- Night diver: 220 CUC
- First Aid Provider: 200 CUC
- Oxygen Provider: 180 CUC
- Wreck diver: 220 CUC
- Dive Master: 800 CUC
- Open Water Instructor: 1600 CUC

RESORT COURSE (without certification):
(Lessons in pool, shore dive, maximum depth 12 meters)
Resort course: 70 CUC

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