Casas Particulares

A “Casa Particular” (literally means "private house") is an inexpensive private accommodation; similar to a Bed & Breakfast (B&B), usually rented for short stays. It can be a room inside a house (usually with a private bathroom), a mini-apartment, or a studio. You can also find full-apartments, villas and houses for long-term vacation rental.

Casas Particulares can be found all over Cuba since 1997 (when the Cuban government allowed Cubans to rent out rooms in their house), but they have been legal in Varadero only since January 2011.

They are mostly located around the “downtown” area; some homes are beachfront or only a few blocks from the beach. Price range is usually between 30 and 45 USD per room per night, and between 70 to 100 USD per night for a full-apartment or house.

Casas are monitored and controlled and provide a safe and clean accommodation upgraded to tourists standards, plus a unique experience to discover the legendary Cuban hospitality and be more involve in the culture. It would be best to be able to understand and speak some Spanish, but many casa owners speak English or will go out of their way to speak English and sometimes a little French, and will make you feel at home and a part of their family. The Cubans are well educated, proud and warm people.

Types of Casas Particulares:

- Private Room inside a house, most of the time with a private bathroom
- Private Room with independent entrance, with a private bathroom
- Studio or mini-apartment, a single bedroom-kitchen-living-dining room and bathroom
- Apartment, fully-furnished with a kitchen, living room, bedroom(s) and a bathroom
- Villa or house, a whole independent property with several rooms, sometimes with a garden and/or a swimming pool

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