Ways to get around Varadero

Transportation Varadero

Hop on/Hop off buses

These open-top double decker buses are called Varadero Beach Tour and Panoramic BusTour, it's the most practical and cheapest way to travel along the Varadero’s Peninsula. A one-day ticket costs 5 USD and you get unlimited access from 9:30 am to 9:00 pm. Its loop itinerary includes 46 stops linking all the hotels, shopping centers, markets, marinas, golf course, delfinario, and downtown Varadero, they pass every half hour or so. You buy the ticket on the bus.See here a map of the bus itinerary


They are very easy to find everywhere. You should always negotiate a price beforehand, some taxis have meters but they are rarely switched on. Cost is usually less than 5 to 10 USD one-way to anywhere inside Varadero. A taxi ride from the airport to the resorts costs approximately 30 to 40 USD one-way.

Taxi particular (local taxi), Maquina (a.k.a. Yank Tank) and Collectivo

One of the most unique experiences in Cuba is to ride on a classic American car from the 1950's; they are locally called “Maquina” or “Yank Tank”. Since February 2011 the private taxis are now officially allowed to take foreigners. The “collectivos” are taxis which follow a long fixed route, people hop in and out, and these taxis usually don’t leave before they are full.

Coco taxi

These cute yellow egg-shape 3-wheeled vehicles are a fun way to go around Varadero. They can carry 2 people, they are a bit noisy and more expensive than a regular taxi cab, but it’s a fun and unique experience.

Private Horse-drawn carriage

It’s the most romantic way to stroll around Varadero. They are mostly found downtown but any hotel concierge or front desk can arrange one upon request. The typical price for a city tour is 10 USD per person.

Collective horse-drawn carriage (Coches Hicacos)

They are less comfortable (2 wood benches facing each other) and often crowded but cheaper than the private ones. they are found mostly in the downtown area.

Bici Taxi

They are 3-wheel bicycles equipped with a seat on the back of the driver. It’s the cheapest way to ride; and although they are not “officially” allowed to take tourists, they often do.

The little Green Train

This replica of a steam train (fake locomotive pulling a seats wagon) is another option to get around Vardero. It's slower and less comfortable than the double-decker buses and doesn't seem to have a schedule as such, but it has the advantage of coming right into the resorts while the bus stops are on the main road. Cost is 2 USD per person.

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