Getting There & Away – By BUS

Viazul Bus | VaraderoA bus terminal (terminal de Omnibus) can be found in all major cities, some airports, and several tourist areas and medium-size towns. The most recommended national bus line is VIAZUL. They have a fleet of modern air-conditioned buses equipped with reclining seats, toilet and a video system. They are manned by two professionals, the driver and the ticket/baggage handler. From almost anywhere you are in Cuba you'll easily find a way to get to Varadero with the VIAZUL buses.

There’s a Viazul bus station (terminal de Omnibus) in downtown Varadero (address: Calle 36 corner of Autopista Sur, Phone: 53 45 61 4886), and there’s one in the Varadero Airport. You can book tickets in advance through their website ( or by phone; or directly at the bus station. Tickets are payable on-site in USD; online ticket purchases are charged in $USD.

There’s another national bus line called ASTRO which caters mostly to Cubans who pay in “peso nacional” (CUP), foreigners pay in USD. Astro is cheaper but less reliable and punctual than Viazul, and they have fewer seats available for foreigners. There old fleet has recently being renewed with new YuTong buses coming from China so they are now as comfortable as Viazul buses but without the toilet. You cannot buy Astro tickets online.

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