Parque Rio Canimar (Canimar River Park)

When coming from Varadero, the Rio Canimar is located a few kilometers before the city of Matanzas. This is a natural park crossed by a beautiful river that flows between two hills and where you can enjoy many activities: Boat tours, swimming in the river, swimming or snorkeling in the Cueva de Saturno (Saturn Cave), horseback riding, rowboat rides, fishing, or simply relax and observe the tick jungle-like vegetation.

In the Rio Canimar Nature Park you’ll also find “La Arboleda”, a ranch where you can enjoy a typical Cuban meal and other nature activities; this place is often visited by tour groups.

At the boat dock (near the Via Blanca bridge) there’s a bar and restaurant and sometimes an outdoor show (Indigenous dances) is performed there. At the mouth of the river there’s a small colonial castle (Castillo El Morrillo) where the bodies of two revolutionaries rest in a mausoleum. The castle is also home to a museum dedicated to the student leader Antonio Guiteras Holmes who founded the revolutionary group “Joven Cuba” (Young Cuba) in 1934.

Rio Canimar is a very popular stop in many of the excursions offered in Varadero such as:
Rio Canimar Back to Nature
Jeep Safari Yumuri
Nature Tour Jeep Safari

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