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Cuban Customs Regulations

For OFFICIAL information please visit the Cuban Customs website, Aduana Cuba: www.aduana.co.cu

Is allowed to IMPORT:

Passengers can import as baggage (accompanied or unaccompanied):

  • Personal belongings: Personal items are those which, for their nature and quantity, can be reasonably used by the passenger during the trip, including personal portable electronics (cell phone, camera, video camera, portable computer, portable TV set, mp3/mp4 player/recorder, CD/DVD player)
  • 2500 ml of alcoholic beverages
  • 400 cigarettes, 50 cigars, 500 grams of tobacco
  • Up to 10 Kg (22 lbs) of medicines
  • Other goods for non-trade purposes up to the authorized limit value of 1000 pesos. From this 1000 pesos value the first 50.99 are exempt from payment of customs duties, and for the remaining value exceeding 50.99 up the 1000 limit, the passengers shall pay a progressive custom duty (see below), except on the articles which are exempt of import duty payment (see below).
  • Are exempt of import duty payments:

    • Personal belongings
    • Up to 10 kilograms (22 Lbs) of medicines
    • Pharmaceuticals; wheelchairs for the disabled; prosthesis to substitute an organ or part of it; and equipment, books or materials for the blind
    • Scientific, technical and art and literature books; music sheets; records, tapes, slides and films for educational purposes
    • Adults diapers
    • Used personal belongings brought by passengers and Cuban ship and airplane crews
    • Household items and personal belongings of persons arriving in Cuba for permanent residence
    • Products for personal use of foreign scholars residing in Cuba, and materials needed for their studies. During their stay in the country as students, they can also import one (1) computer and its peripheral components, only once
    • Medals and awards granted abroad; and items received as gifts or awards by Cuban citizens in their capacity as scientists, athletes, artists and others, as long as their origin can be proved with a relevant document
    • Products temporarily imported by foreign artists, athletes, specialists, scientists, journalists, filmmakers, temporary passengers, and people arriving in the country under special conditions, are exempt from customs duties

    Are subject to import duty payments:
    Passengers importing items (other than the ones listed above) with a value exceeding 50.99 pesos shall pay the following customs tariff:

    • From 51.00 CUC to 500.99 CUC:  100%
    • From 501:00 to 1000.00 CUC:  200%

is not allowed to IMPORT:

  • Drugs, narcotics and psychotropic substances or hallucinogens.
  • Explosives
  • Blood derivatives
  • Obscene or pornographic literature
  • items and objects that put at risk the general interests of the nation
  • It is allowed to import all electrical appliances and their parts, except for those which are high consumers as listed below:
  •     brand new freezers with a size higher that seven (7) feet and of any size in the case of second-hand equipment
  •     air-conditionner
  •     stoves and portable electric stoves, any kind or model
  •     electric ovens, any kind, model and size
  •     electric showers, any kind and size
  •     electric deep fryers, any kind and size
  •     electric water heaters
  •     electric irons, whose consumption exceeds 290 watts/hour without spray, or 703 watts/hour with spray and steam
  •     electric toasters
  •     electric resistance of any kind

Besides, it is not allowed to import:

  • Light motor vehicles (cars, motorcycles and combustion engine bicycles).
  • Engine and chassis of cars and motorcycles (frames).
  • Products of animal origin (cattle, pigs, sheep, goats and all species of ungulates) which can be disease carriers.

Passengers importing to Cuba other articles in addition to their personal items must fill out a Customs Declaration providing all the information required in this document. If a passenger is carrying an amount in cash exceeding USD 5,000.00 (or the equivalent amount in other currencies) when entering Cuba, a Customs Declaration must be presented.

Is allowed to EXPORT:

  • Personal belongings
  • Items and objects temporarily imported and now re-exported, proved by the document given to them by Customs when arriving in the country
  • An amount up to five thousands (5000) USD (See regulations of the Central Bank of Cuba)
  • Items legally purchased in the country in a reasonable amount indicating non-commercial purposes and which are not subjected to any regulation, and if requiring a permit or authorization it shall be submitted to Customs.

Items subjected to export requirements:

  • Medicines:
    Passengers can carry up to three units of the same drug locally produced, except those for continuous treatment, according to its duration and accompanied by certification of the Health Center; and in the case of passengers who are non-permanent residents in Cuba, the relevant Official Invoice must be submitted.
  • Cigars:
    Travellers leaving the country must orally declare to Customs all cigars they are taking with them or in the accompanying baggage. As long as the passengers meet the requirements established to export cigars, they can take:
    • Up to twenty (20) units of bulk cigars, without submitting any document
    • Up to fifty (50) units of cigars, but they must be in their original package, unopened, sealed and with the established official hologram.
    • For more than fifty (50) units of cigars, which cannot exceed the amount of 5,000.00 CUC, passengers should produce the formal sale invoice issued by the store chains authorized to sell Cuban cigars, corresponding to all cigars they intend to export which must be in the original package, unopened, sealed and with the established official hologram. The quantity of cigars exceeding fifty (50) units not declared by travellers and any quantity exceeding the quantity declared, or that having been declared its legal purchase is not backed up by the formal sale invoice, or the packages do not have the attributes and the other requirements identifying them as Cuban cigars, will be seized.
  • Currency, valuable goods and objets d’art:
    • Passengers who carry cash in an amount exceeding $5000.00 USD (or its equivalent in other currencies) must have declared the amount on their arrival or have the corresponding bank authorization
    • For pieces of work and collections with numismatic value, the authorization of the Numismatic Museum or the Central Bank of Cuba should be produced
    • Paintings and sculptures must have the stamp which authorizes the export or apply for the corresponding permit, which is a necessary requirement to take the item out of the country.

Is not allowed to EXPORT:

  • Drugs, narcotics and psychotropic substances or hallucinogens
  • Explosives
  • Blood derivatives
  • Obscene or pornographic literature
  • Items and objects that put at risk the general interests of the Cuban nation
  • Cultural assets declared part of the National Cultural Heritage
  • Manuscript books, incunabula (published between 1440 and 1500)
  • Books and leaflets bearing stamps from libraries from the National System of Public Libraries and from Cuban Entities and Institutions, as well as "R" Cuban Book publications
  • Books, leaflets and foreign serial publications printed between the sixteenth and the eighteenth century and Cubans published in the eighteenth century
  • Lobster, in any quantity and form of presentation

For OFFICIAL information please visit the Cuban Customs website, Aduana Cuba: www.aduana.co.cu