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Watersports- Kitesurfing

The Varadero beach is a good spot for those who want to ride the waves. We found a kiteboarding school called "Ke Bola" on the beach between the hotels Iberostar Laguna Azul and Riu Varadero. Their email: kebolakiteboarding@gmail.com

"You can do it! Come on my friend!"... That's probably how you would be welcomed by one of the instructors if you were to walk by the beach in front of "Ke Bola Kiteboarding school".

Kiteboarding is one of those recent/young sports you may be curious about. But you may also think it is not for you... too young or too old, not athletic enough, not used or good at boarding sports, not enough of a daredevil?! Well, you may be wrong actually! Kiteboarding could be your next hobbie whatever your age (is) from 7 to 77 years old.

At Ke Bola Kiteboarding school you'll find a great spot: a beautiful white sand beach, turquoise waters and optimum winds. A great equipment to get started, with a wide variety of kites, boards and harnesses for all kitesurfers (fully fledged or to-be). And last but not least, a great team of professional instructors, who are looking forward to sharing their pedagogy and passion, whether you are planning to start from scratches or willing to improve your skills and style.

You can rent equipment (prices below) or take courses (prices on the right)

RENTAL (kite and/or board, harness, etc.)

- 1 hour: 35 CUC
- 3 hours: 90 CUC
- 6 to 12 hours: 190 CUC

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